If you are a blog or a business that is based in the Markham area, then this article will be the key to success online in the world of Ecommerce. The way in which businesses to business and blogs attract traffic has fundamentally changed over the last few decades. This means that investment in your online presence is essential to your success online and is something that every website should look at. However, the world of SEO is a complex one and many businesses struggle to understand or employ a proper strategy. That is where GTA SEO service can help.

We offer a complete SEO package and this handy guide will take you through it. Starting with a description of SEO, you will be taken through how it can help your business and finally the kind of service you can expect from GTA. Read on to find out more.

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What is SEO?

SEO is the way a search engine will decide which content is the best content for a search term. Millions of people look up millions of different things on search engines and those results that come up will be decided by SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization and finds which content is most optimized for a specific term to help both the searcher and the website. The searcher is rewarded because they are presented with the best content, and the website is rewarded because it achieves the vast majority of the total traffic for that search term. That is SEO, and that is why it is so important.

However, achieving a good level of optimization is a complex process and a complete strategy will incorporate all of the most effective ways to boost your levels of optimization. The most common of which and the strategies that GTA use are on-page and off-page SEO. On-page SEO are changes that can be made directly on the website to boost SEO- changes such as the use of keywords in both the main block of text and the in the headings. Off-page SEO are SEO changes that can be made outside of your website and include changes like: social media pages, the use of backlinks and creating a greater presence online via online forums. All of these are known as white hat SEO and are all legitimate strategies to better your optimization.

How Can It Help Your Business?

Proper SEO will help your business no end. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect to experience from bettering your optimization.

An increase in traffic will be the main advantage of better SEO strategies. You will see an increase in traffic coming from two sources- the first of which comes from your on-page SEO and the second of which will come from your off-page SEO.  Regardless of the way in which you achieve that traffic, it is bound to be beneficial for your website as an increase in traffic means that more people will see your content- if you are business then this goes one step further and increases the number of people that are viewing and potentially buying your products.

Better SEO strategies also will lead to a better perception of your business and brand by those who see you. This is especially poignant for the off-page SEO as social media and the use of online forums as this will make a personal connection with your audience. The benefits of a better brand image are that customers will trust you more and are more likely to recommend your service or product or speak highly of you on ratings sights. This will bring more customers in the future and will put your business above your competitors.

SEO in general is an essential for any Ecommerce site or business. For many it is the cornerstone of their success and the starting point for any online presence.

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Our SEO Service

At GTA, we offer a truly unique service that is unlike anything else you may have seen.

We utilise a results based approach to our SEO service meaning that the strategy that we employ to sort out your SEO problems. Our results based strategies have been developed via our decades of experience dealing with firms of all sizes and in all areas of business. This gives our strategy something that our competitors lack- often times other SEO companies lack experience dealing with a wide range of clients and thus their SEO tactics become cookie cutter tactics that are not flexible and only work for a select number of businesses in a select number of industries. However, here at GTA, we understand the need for flexibility and our strategy reflects this.

When it comes to our SEO service, you can rely on us to deliver a fast professional service. If you wanted, you could simply buy our service and wait for the job to be done. We are proud of our autonomy and consistently deliver fast and efficient SEO services to many businesses across the Toronto area.


A common issue with an SEO service is that the methods that are used to achieve the SEO success are black hat methods. Black hat methods are illegitimate methods that are used to essentially trick a search engine into thinking that a website is more optimized than it actually is. At GTA we will never use black hat methods to better your SEO- we much prefer white hat SEO because it is legitimate, ethical and generally a much better solution to the problem of SEO.

What Makes GTA Different

Below are just a few reasons why GTA is a truly unique SEO option.

The first thing is our experience. Many SEO services and companies in the Toronto area and beyond lack the decades of experience that GTA have. This gives us a huge advantage over other SEO services and this experience shows in every single part of our SEO service. Firstly, our results based strategies change based on our experience with our many clients and the results we achieve with them. If experience tells us that one thing works, then that is exactly what we do. There are not many SEO solutions that can say that.

Our flexibility is another of our strengths. With other SEO solutions you are often trapped in a contract that you have no control over with an SEO company making changes that you do not want. At GTA we feel your pain and all of our contracts on all of our services are aimed at making sure this does not happen to you. You, as the client, can decide the length and scale of the contract- giving you complete control over every process from agreeing the contract to the job being fulfilled. This also makes sure that we can give you a competitive price, one that you will love.

If you are interested in any one of our services or simply want to ask a few questions, then simply find our contact page and ask away.

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