What Should Be the First Step of a Structured SEO Plan?

Are you wondering what should be the first step of a structured SEO plan? Without the right SEO implementation and techniques in place, you can never expect your website to stand out from millions of competitors out there. You need a properly structured SEO plan that serves as the secret blueprint of all successful SEO experts.

Before you optimize your existing website to get higher Google ranking, first, you need to develop a structured SEO plan for so many good reasons.

What should be the first step of a structured SEO plan, then?


What should be the first step of a structured SEO plan


The following 7 steps are the silver bullet to having an effective SEO campaign. This plan works and have helped ranked so many of our websites. 


1. Conduct a Full Audit of Your Website


Prior to fixing your site, it would be great if you know what exactly needs improvements and fixes for your site to rank higher and better. To speed up this process, you could outsource the full website audit to a reliable marketing agency that can do the job on your behalf.


2. Determine the Quick Hit List


When performing your site audit, see to it that you identify 3 to 5 of the most pressing changes you need to fix right away. These are what you call the quick hit list or the most pressing changes that could create quick results. Good examples of such pressing items include:


  • Canonicalization of homepage
  • Identify your website’s link profile
  • Missing page titles or meta descriptions
  • Robots.txt that block GoogleBot from crawling your site
  • Duplicate page titles or meta descriptions
  • Perform site:example.com command in Google to check if your site is indexed at the moment


3. Optimize Technical SEO


This is one of the most important step on what should be the first step of a structured SEO plan. It is the ground zero for website creation that Google loves crawling and users love using Google for searches.


4. Keyword Research


To conduct an effective keyword research, you can use premium SEO tools. Through these premium tools, you should look for targeted keywords phrases that your site got the domain authority to rank for. You also need to search for keywords for building content to give your readers free value. It is a never ending process of proper optimization of your site for search engines.


5. Competitor Analysis


Look for competitor profile and take note and analyze the keywords they are ranking for, the number of backlinks they get, the keywords they don’t rank for in the moment, the number of referring domain that send those backlinks, and more.


6. Come Up with Unique Content


A great way to stay on top of your competition is to come up with valuable and unique content that will satisfy user intent. One way to create this kind of content is to look for the keywords you want to target and list down the websites that rank 1 to 10 on Google at the moment.

Review this list and note the topics they discuss and the topics missing in the ranking sites. After that, create an actionable and in-depth guide that will cover everything using your targeted keywords.


7. Strategic Link Building


You need to get links from other sites to establish domain authority or the strength of your website as you go against competitor sites for similar keywords. These are what you call backlinks. When you have more backlinks from different domains, the authority of your website will also be stronger to help you target higher volume keywords targeted other sites.


Last words


So, there you go the 7 steps to what should be the first step of a structured SEO plan. Please, ensure that you follow the best practice when implementing these steps. One little mistake can jeopardize your whole SEO campaign. Like i made mentions earlier these steps are often deployed by most top SEO companies in Toronto, i.e. Webcarpenter, Banana SEO, SEO Alberta.ca, SEO Master.ca, SEO Guru.ca, SEO GTA,  just to mention a few. 

Stick to these steps of creating a structured SEO plan and always revisit them as you map out your SEO campaign every month. 

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